What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful online website creation tool. It’s open source tool so it’s freely available. WordPress is a kind of cms( content management system) created in php. Now a days it’s commonly used platform.

Mostly it’s used for blogging. But now a days it’s also common for online store and basic business website too.

Why WordPress?

It’s very common question comes to everyone’s mind. It’s answer is very simple. WordPress is a cms means it provides an admin panel to users. Through admin panel user can easily edit all the pages content, images, color, fonts etc. So user don’t need to hire a web developer for the website maintenance.

Now another questions comes to your mind.

From where we can download this WordPress?

You can download it from wordpress.org. It’s freely available and also it shows only latest updated version of WordPress. You can directly go to WordPress.com where you can run your website in WordPress directly but it’s paid because it provides you hosting with complete WordPress setup.

Where we can run this WordPress?

We can run WordPress locally on your system or if you want to run website on live domain than you have to buy a linux hosting to run this.

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