Difference between WordPress and PHP

Difference between WordPress website and PHP website

Major difference between WordPress and PHP website is that WordPress is content management system written in PHP.

PHP is server side programming language.

WordPress has the backpanel because of that a user can easily edit everything on his website from there. IF a person who knows how to work in Microsft word or excel. He can easily manage his website from admin panel. Also WordPress admin panel is very easy and available in most of the language. A user from different country can use their language to make changes. There is direct option in admin panel to change language there.

Major Advantage of WordPress over PHP –

  • No need to remember any kind of code for web page creation
  • We can create unlimited no of pages and posts without needing any kind of help.
  • We can change color and style of our website without having knowledge of HTML and css.
  • It’s very easy to change the website layout from admin panel.
  • Easy text editor provided by WordPress.
  • Google Map, SEO things are very easy to handle from admin panel because of plugins available in WordPress.
  • We can change our contact info at any time.
  • Dynamic page creation is very easy in WordPress.
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