17+ Best WordPress Affiliate Programs You Must Check

17+ Best WordPress Affiliate Programs You Must Check

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways you can earn passive income from your online presence. Gaining years of experience and knowledge on a specific subject matter, especially on establishing an online presence can fetch you a good income over time. If you have had your website or business online for quite a while and you need more ways to make an income, you definitely need to consider affiliate marketing.

WordPress affiliate marketing simply involves promoting a certain service or product on your platform and encouraging other people to pay for it. It is one of the best ways to sell as it uses word of the mouth method of marketing. These goods and products are sometimes based on the experience you have had with that product, which is now recommended to others based on your experience. Affiliate marketing is great because you can continue to make money every time someone clicks the affiliate link, even after publishing a post with the affiliate link a long time ago.

Now that you know some of the basics of affiliate marketing, it’s time to find out the best affiliate marketing platforms that will have you earning in no time. These affiliate programs are easy to join in a few clicks and offer great rewards and earnings. Without any more delay, here are the affiliate programs for WordPress;

Best WordPress Affiliate Programs

1) ThemesRain Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program on ThemesRain

ThemesRain is a well-known platform that provides beautifully designed and optimized themes to businesses and individuals looking to start their websites. They also provide themes for people who want to start an online store with all the necessary functionalities to take orders and run the business smoothly.

How it works

Becoming an affiliate marketer for ThemesRain is pretty easy. Simply create your account using your desired email address, link your preferred method of payment collection (bank account or PayPal), and get the affiliate link you’d be promoting. You can access the form you would need to fill on their website.


Earn 30% commission on any purchase referred to with 90 days of cookie tracking. The affiliate program is open to course creators, bloggers, web developers, YouTubers, Shopify experts, email marketers, WordPress experts, social media influencers, and just about anyone who can promote the link on their platform. You also get to earn recurring commissions on all leads from membership or premium plans.

Click for more details: https://themesrain.com/affiliate/

2) WP Engine’s Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program

WP Engine's Affiliate Program

WP engine provides managed web hosting services to people online who are looking to set up their online stores or WordPress websites. It is simple and easy to use with lots of plans and StudioPress themes for customers to choose from.

How it works

Affiliate partners can earn either by referring to WP engine hosting service or StudioPress themes through their respective platforms. You can also track your referrals through one link for both services. There is a WP affiliate manager on standby ready to help you with any issues.


As an affiliate partner, you can earn 100% or $200 of the first month’s payment for Wp engine hosting or genesis pro sales, and 35% on StudioPress theme sales. There are also exclusive discounts and promotions you can offer to your audience from the WP engine. You also get to earn on referrals made within 60 days for Studiopress theme sales and in 180 days for WP Engine hosting.

Click for more details: https://wpengine.com/partners/affiliate/

3) ThemeIsle WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

ThemeIsle Affiliate Program

ThemeIsle is a platform that offers wonderfully designed WordPress themes and plugins at an affordable price to users. The themes are highly functional and the plugins make it easy to customize the themes effortlessly.

How it works

To start earning from themeisle, you need to first sign up for the affiliate program through the Share A Sale found on their page. After successfully signing up, you can start earning when you refer to 20+ of their most reliable WordPress themes and plugins. You can implement ad banners, make use of text links, or use an email template to sell these awesome themes and plugins.


Being an affiliate of this program, you earn a 55% commission on all sales made. You get paid every month when you reach $100 including performance incentives. Other benefits of the affiliate program are;

  • An available affiliate management team
  • Detailed reports via ShareASale
  • Monthly payments
  • Optimizable affiliate links
  • Wide cookie return for 365 days

Sadly, coupons are not accepted for the website, only direct payments.

Click for more details: https://themeisle.com/affiliates/

4) Gravity Forms Affiliate Program

 Affiliate Program on Gravity Forms

Collecting information is one crucial part of an online business, and gravity forms have made that easy for all its users. It is ideal for bloggers, agencies, and influencers who have an online presence. Gravity forms also have awesome plugins that provide great features for all its users.

How it works

If you have been a regular user of gravity forms, it’s easy for you to sign up to be an affiliate. Even if you aren’t a regular user, you are still welcome to sign up for the program. To join, visit the website and fill in your details, after which you promote the platform and start earning.


Promote gravity forms on whatever platform works for you and earn a 20% commission on every sale referred through you. You can make;

  • $11.80 from every Basic License worth $59
  • $31.80 from every Pro License worth $159
  • $51.80 from every Elite License worth $259

Click for more details: https://www.gravityforms.com/affiliate/

5) Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta on Affiliate Program

Kinsta is a hosting platform that allows business owners and individuals to set up their website online effectively. Kinsta has provided hosting services to users for a while and they have a good referral rate. The affiliate program is also profitable for users that have been hosting their websites on the platform.

How it works

Get started with Kinsta in three easy steps and start making lucrative passive income. You need to first sign up for the affiliate program through their website, generate as many affiliate links as you need, then publish these links on a website or blog and start earning. You can track your earnings in real-time through the affiliate dashboard, and also get deeper analytical insights as to which links are converting the most.


The affiliate program offers up to $500 on every referral plus a 10% monthly recurring commission for life. You earn based on the types of hosting plan you refer customers to, which are;

  • $50 for the starter plan
  • $100 for the pro plan
  • $150 for the business plans, and
  • $500 for the enterprise plans

A 60-day tracking cookie is also provided to keep track of your links and reward you for every sale even though you don’t start converting instantly. You can make up to $1350 monthly after a year when you refer 5 business plan subscribers. You can also download banners and learn the intricacies of affiliate marketing.

Click for more details: https://kinsta.com/affiliates/

6) Themify Affiliate

Themify Affiliate program

Themify is a platform that provides themes, addons, and plugins to make give the ultimate user experience. The themes are well designed and are responsive based on what customers use them for. Themeify also gives people the opportunity to become affiliate partners in a few easy steps.

How it works

To begin, you have to sign up and create your affiliate account. Once signed up, you log back in and then link your preferred payment method, and just like that, you are ready to start earning. You get the affiliate link with tracking cookies of 60 days to monitor the links’ conversion rates. Members can view live statistics, data, and clickthrough rates, and download banners from the member section.


You earn 40% on any first-time purchase of add-ons, memberships, and plugins. You also get a commission if a customer buys on their next visit and not their first. Payments are made through PayPal and are processed within the first five business working days of the month.

Click for more details: https://themify.me/affiliates

7) TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program on TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is the one-stop shop for graphics design, plugins, website templates, digital products, and marketing products. Customers can get marketing services, web designs, and web development products all from TemplateMonster. It is the perfect resource platform for creatives and business people.

How it works

Start by creating and verifying your free affiliate account to access the admin panel, after which you generate the referral URL with your affiliate ID and share it on whatever platforms work for you. Keep track of the traffic and sales from your URL and get paid once people start to make purchases, easy peasy.


Earn 30% commission on all new purchases and 10% on all returning users. You can promote the link through social media, email marketing, or your blog. The affiliate program is suitable for YouTubers, connected services, bloggers, and web studios. You also get personal assistance from your affiliate manager.

Click for more details: https://affiliates.templatemonster.com/affiliates/

8) Apollo 13 Themes Affiliate Program

 Apollo 13 Themes Program

The platform gives customers the opportunity to select from a variety of themes that are easy to install and customize. Apollo 13 themes are worth the spend and give the customer’s website the professional appearance they need.

How it works

To join the program, you need to first send a message to the team via the form on their website stating that you’d like to become an affiliate partner and where you plan to promote the link. You also need to have read the affiliate terms and conditions fully. A representative will contact you afterward with further instructions on how to proceed with a link to where you can sign up and generate your affiliate link.


You do not have to pay to become an affiliate partner, as it is totally free to join the program. You get a 25% commission on every purchase through your link for life. So, every time a purchase is made through your link, you get paid. The affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days to ensure you get your due commission on purchases made through your referral.

Click for more details : https://apollo13themes.com/rife/affiliates/

9) Astra Affiliate Program

Astra Program

Astra is a WordPress theme that is loved and widely used by about 1.5 million users. It is one of the most popular and responsive themes for WordPress websites that is easy to customize to suit the customer’s needs.

How it works

The Astra theme affiliate program is suitable for you if you are a marketer, influencer, blogger, tech reviewer, educator, YouTuber, own an agency, or a community contributor. You can become an affiliate by signing up on their page and creating a free account to get started.


By promoting the growth bundles which retail at $699, you make $210 per purchase. The more you refer and your promotion link reaching more people, the more you earn. The number of referrals multiplied by $210 is your income. So,

  • 10 referrals = $2,100
  • 20 referrals = $4,200
  • 50 referrals = $10,500
  • 100 referrals = $21,000

You can also keep track of your link in real-time, and monitor all activities through the dashboard. Banners, images, and in-depth analytics are also provided. There is an experienced team, and an affiliate manager is available to guide you on choices and how to improve conversions.

Click for more details : https://wpastra.com/affiliate/

10) LyraThemes Affiliate Program

 Lyra Affiliate Program

Lyrathemes provides state-of-the-art themes to customers who want to have a firm presence online. The themes are aesthetically well designed and are more affordable when compared to other theme providers.

How it works

First, proceed to read the terms and conditions provided by the platform on their website. Once done, sign up for the program, filling in all necessary details after which you can now proceed to generate your affiliate link.


You earn a 30% commission on every sale made through your link. All commissions are paid every month to all affiliate partners. You can also monitor the progress of your links through the statistics and reports provided. Dedicated customer support is available to help you resolve any challenges.

Click for more details : https://www.lyrathemes.com/affiliates/

11) Artisan Themes Affiliate Program

Artisan Themes for Affiliate Program

Artisan themes provide high-quality themes that are guaranteed to give customers the best online experience. The themes are responsive across all devices and have attractive lists of features that make them highly customizable.

How it works

Become an Artisan theme affiliate member by signing up for the program through their website. You will then have access to the affiliate dashboard where you can generate your unique referral link and monitor the progress and statistics.


The commission rates are very lucrative and competitive than some other platforms. The company pays a $40 commission on every theme sold through you, and $100 for every PRO License sale which occurs through your referrals.

Click for more details : https://artisanthemes.io/affiliate-program/

12) MOJO Marketplace Affiliate Program

MOJO Marketplace on Affiliate Program

The MOJO marketplace provides premium templates and themes, and it is a top-rated CMS platform. Customers can build the best responsive websites that have stunning designs and all the functionalities they need to navigate their online space. The platform also provides plugins, illustrations, and custom site developments.

How it works

From your MOJO account (if you already have one), you can upgrade to an affiliate by clicking the button that appears at the bottom of the screen. If you are new to MOJO, just sign up for their affiliate program through their website. Once signed up or your account has been upgraded, a confirmation link will be sent to you. From your affiliate dashboard, you can monitor all the activities going on and generate your affiliate link. You also get daily and monthly reports on your link when you click statistics on the board.


On the MOJO affiliate program, you can earn up to $1608.21 monthly on referrals from your link. All commissions are paid at the end of the month to your PayPal account.

Click for more details : https://www.mojomarketplace.com/affiliates

13) WPZOOM Affiliate Program

WPZOOM on Affiliate Program

WPZoom offers premium themes and standard plugins to make the web experience a pleasant one for all their customers. You can earn by promoting WPZoom theme packages on your website, and getting a commission for every sale.

How it works

You can sign up for the affiliate program from the website, and you don’t necessarily have to have a blog. When logged in to the affiliate area, you can now get your unique affiliate link or copy any banner style of your choice and promote it. Start promoting your affiliate link and start earning. You need to have a PayPal account to collect your earnings, and you cannot get commission on your own affiliate purchases.


The program pays affiliate members about 30% commission on every sale generated through your affiliate link. These theme packages are affordable and easy to promote to your customers or audience.

Click for more details : https://www.wpzoom.com/affiliates/

14) CyberChimps WordPress Affiliate Program

CyberChimps WordPress on Affiliate Program

Join the CyberChimps amazing affiliate program and promote their responsive themes made for every kind of website. These themes are fully optimized, have beautiful layouts, and many more amazing features. There are different kinds of themes to promote like the WooCommerce themes, blog, business page, one-page, and free WordPress themes.

How it works

Start earning by signing up for the affiliate program through their website. You can now access your affiliate link from your affiliate page and start promoting whichever theme package you feel your audience will love.


You can earn a 40% commission on every sale made through your referral link. There are different packages to select from, and there are exclusive marketing collateral made for each affiliate partner. No need to worry about your earnings as the program uses the ShareASale platform.

Click for more details : https://cyberchimps.com/affiliates/

15) MotoPress Affiliate Program

MotoPress for Affiliate Program

Affiliate partners in this program can earn by promoting easy-to-use WordPress plugins and themes. MotoPress themes are clean, simple, responsive, and fully optimized to give customers the best experience.

How it works

You sign up for the affiliate program after which you then generate your affiliate link. You promote the link on your website or whatever platform works best for you, users click the link which then directs them to the website, and if a purchase is made you earn a commission. MotorPress keeps track of the activities of visitors through your link on their website so you can earn your due commission.


MotoPress affiliate partners get to earn a 30% commission on all sales made through their links. The payments are made on a monthly basis through your PayPal account. You also get live statistics on your monthly payments data and click-through rates of your links.

Click for more details: https://motopress.com/affiliate-program/

16) AccessPress Themes Affiliate Program

AccessPress on Themes Affiliate Program

AccessPress is a platform that produces both free and premium WordPress themes and plugins. There are a lot of themes that will provide a beautiful space for customers, and the plugins will ensure the website runs smoothly.

How it works

Getting started is easy. You will have to begin by signing up for the affiliate program. When you have done that, you will get access to your affiliate link which you can now start promoting on any platform of your choice.


The program pays as much as 50% commission on every sale. You can collect your earnings once you’ve gotten up to $100 in your account. At least one premium theme is released every month, so you get to promote fresh themes to your audience. Payments are made strictly to PayPal accounts, and anyone can start earning either beginner or expert. There is a dedicated affiliate team with a personal affiliate manager to attend to you. Finally, you also get free affiliate resources on how to sharpen your marketing skills to scale up your earnings.

Click for more details: https://accesspressthemes.com/affiliates/


Affiliate marketing programs work particularly well if you want to earn passive income while you attend to your business. You can capitalize on your existing online presence and boost your secondary income without compromising on your work priorities. These WordPress affiliate marketing programs are worth trying out as they offer high rewards and exclusive benefits to customers as well.

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