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The Best Source For WordPress Theme Bundles For Every Business

We know how frustrating and money-exhausting it can be to buy new themes for your client if you are a website developer and have multiple projects to handle. Frisking the web for new themes can itself be time-consuming, and when you stumble upon one good theme for your or your client’s upcoming project, it drains your pocket even before you’ve started.

We’ve all felt this pain and wondered if there’s any way around it. Luckily, there is. WordPress theme bundles are an excellent choice for avid website designers who want to save big bucks on pre-designed themes.

At ThemesRain, we endeavour to bring to you the best quality, feature-rich and stunning WordPress themes that are designed for success. All our themes are SEO-ready and come with catchy graphics to lend your website the professional look you need to get visitors and convert them into leads.

Why Buy This WordPress Theme Bundle

 WordPress Theme Bundle

To save our customers from the burden of spending money on buying a new theme every time, we’ve created a WordPress theme bundle catering to different industries. We’ve brought them to you at a never-before price that’s bound to indulge you in this ‘THEMEY FEAST’!

The WordPress theme bundle sale is valid for the first 100 customers only, so you’d better hurry up! It’s available at a never-before price of $127/year. With themes worth $1560, this is a great sale for website designers. And guess what – you can get this WordPress theme bundle at a further discounted price of only $89 for a limited time!

Best WordPress Theme Bundle

Theme Bundle

If you are looking for themes for different businesses, then your search stops here. We at ThemesRain have a collection of WordPress themes ideal for all businesses. The themes category includes;

  • Niche WP Themes: Starting an online store is very much like having an offline store. You need to pay attention to the appearance of your online store and ensure it has the best features to make your customers’ shopping experience smooth. ThemesRain offers a variety of themes that are specially designed for Niche stores. These themes are functional, practical, and easy to use for both you and your customers. You can add or remove certain features depending on your kind of business and what you need. The Niche themes are available in different designs and templates and will surely suit every kind of business.
  • Blog Themes: For individuals who need an online presence or a place to showcase their creative works, ThemesRain blog themes are ideal for your blog. You get simple, well-designed, and easy-to-customize themes that will adequately showcase your personality to your online audience. Most of these themes come with special page sections such as an About page that can be independently customized. There are also other available features like contact forms that allow your audience to keep in touch with you. You can also make use of the variety of plugins and add-ons to make your blog exactly why you want.
  • Website Themes: Not every business wants a blog or requires an online store. For businesses that simply want to inform customers on who they are and what they do, simple website themes are a way to go. You can have a single-page website or a website with multiple pages. Whatever the choice, there is an appropriate template available on ThemesRain. Tell the world about your business with any of the stylish yet simple themes available in the WordPress theme bundle.

Every theme available in the bundle is well optimized, mobile and other device-friendly, SEO-friendly, and fully customizable. These themes are unique and serve every kind of business including hairdressers, fashion stores, construction companies, beauty stores, hospitals, entertainment, one product stores, and much more. These themes are simple to install and navigate and will give your customers the best online experience while making it easy for you to manage your personal or business brand, or online store.

Features of This WordPress Theme Bundle


WordPress Themes are one of the many ways in which you can develop a professional website with a single click. If you are on a limited budget and your needs are more, then WordPress themes by ThemesRain are the best solution to your problems. Below we have mentioned some of the features offered by ThemesRain, which makes them the best in the market.

  1. If you are looking for the best Responsive and User-Friendly Design, then you know we’ve got you covered. We know that designing a website is not an easy task, but even if you design a website chances are that it may not be user-friendly. If your website is not responsive chances are you may not be able to reach out to your target audience as you have desired. In today’s competitive business world, having a responsive website design is a must. It will allow you to generate more traffic and create new business leads.
  2. We all have been sharing our favorite posts on different social media platforms, so why should your business website be any different. With our Social Media Plugins, you give your clients an option to share what they like. ThemesRain has templates with preloaded social media plugins, which is one of the many reasons why themes offered by us have been loved by people around the globe.
  3. There is nothing wrong with a single landing page website, but with Multiple Landing Pages, you can improve your odds by a lot. With multiple landing pages, you can not only reach out to your potential clients but also generate new business leads. To allow your customers to trust you, you have to provide them with information like about your company, contact information, about the team, testimonials, blogs, and more.
  4. Having a support system is one of the best feelings in the world. In personal life, you get support from your family and for your professional life, ThemesRain is there for you. We offer Continuous Upgrade and Designer Support, you can be assured that you will always receive the best advice and support from our team who will help you in making your dreams come true. From maintenance to upgrade, we’ll be there every step of the way.
  5. What’s a website without Widgets? Right, well we understand that, which is why all our themes come with user-friendly and easy-to-navigate widgets. All widgets that are included in our themes are customizable, which is one of the biggest perks of owning a WordPress theme by ThemesRain.
  6. Designing a website is not a simple task, which is why at ThemesRain, we offer Customizable Themes that are designed to make the process simple. We offer a 40 variety of customizable themes that are perfect for all types of businesses. All of our themes are designed on the latest version of WordPress.
  7. One of the many elements that make your website a success is Search Engine Optimization. It is such a feature that is often skipped by many amateur website designers but you do not need to worry about SEO when you are browsing for the best WordPress themes by ThemesRain. Our motto is to help you design a website that is SEO-ready and help you improve your ratings and ranking on Google Search engine.
  8. We understand that no two people will be using your website on the same platform, which is why all our themes are Retina Ready. A website is incomplete if it does not have high-quality images and videos to support your written content, that is why designing a website to meet the requirements of working on HD screen gadgets is a must.
  9. All our WordPress is built on Latest Coding Languages and every theme is WooCommerce and WPBakery Page Builder compatible. We use the latest coding languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and more, to make sure all the information entered on your website is safe and secured.
  10. When it comes to WordPress, less is not an option. With our Bundles feature, you can enjoy the benefit of more in less. All our WordPress themes come with a variety of options for plugins, add-ons, and widgets, which are included to help you make your website more attractive, user-friendly, and responsive.


40+ Themes

We understand that developing a website can be challenging and sometimes you might not have enough resources to hire a website developer. This is where WordPress themes come in. With ThemesRain, you can now develop a professional-looking website with a single click.

We have innovative, stylish, responsive, and SEO-friendly website themes ready and at your disposal. We offer various price programs, which are designed to meet your budgets and requirements. So, what are we waiting for? Reach out to us now and let us help create a perfect website for your business.

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