How to use wp_get_attachment_image ( ) in WordPress Templates


This is very common thing to get an image on page or post. To get an image on template we can use pre-defined function from WordPress library.

wp_get_attachment_image( int $attachment_id, string|array $size = ‘thumbnail’, bool $icon = false, string|array $attr = ” )

Parameters #Parameters –

  • $attachment_id
    (int) (Required) Image attachment ID.
  • $size
    (string|array) (Optional) Image size. Accepts any valid image size, or an array of width and height values in pixels (in that order).
  • Default value: ‘thumbnail’
  • $icon
    (bool) (Optional) Whether the image should be treated as an icon.
  • Default value: false

$attr – string|array) (Optional) Attributes for the image markup.

Default value: ”

This function only gets an image that was uploaded to WordPress, it doesn’t output an image in the content of the post.

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